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Kashmiri Shawls Women

This culturally & luxury piece of Kashmiri shawls remains an object of purity and graceful for the global market. Our designer Kashmiri shawls are made with the highest quality of spun soft pashmina to keep their warmth while get into an exquisitely crafted traditional look by the local artisans.

39 products

39 products

Kashmiri Shawls, the Pride of Kashmir

Kashmir, a land blessed with breathtaking beauty and rich cultural heritage, is the birthplace of the globally treasured textile - the Kashmiri Shawl. Originating in the bygone era, these shawls have become synonymous with sophistication and elegance, celebrated worldwide for their intricate craftsmanship and unparalleled comfort. Each Kashmiri Shawl is more than a mere fabric; it embodies Kashmir's timeless legacy, narrating tales of the region's artistry.

Pashmee: Your Gateway to Authentic Kashmiri Shawls

Pashmee is a global ambassador of this extraordinary craft, carrying the legacy with authenticity and innovation. We present a remarkable array of Kashmiri Shawls, each a testament to the delicate artistry of handloom, meticulously crafted by our experienced artisans. From hand-spun Pashmina to traditional Sozni and the exquisite Jamavar, our shawls reflect a medley of Kashmir's unique weaving traditions.

Our Kashmiri Shawls for Women: A Blend of Elegance and Versatility

At Pashmee, we understand that the modern woman needs a stylish and versatile wardrobe. Our Kashmiri Shawls serves as a symbol of grace and luxury, effortlessly complementing every look. Whether gracing a sophisticated occasion or relishing a relaxed get-together, adorning a Pashmee Shawl enhances your elegance in a way that's impossible to overlook.

Experience the Pashmee Difference

What sets Pashmee apart is our unwavering commitment to quality. Every Kashmiri Shawl in our collection is crafted with the finest quality wool sourced directly from the highlands of Ladakh and Tibet. Our team of skilled artisans dedicates countless hours, often over weeks or months, to weave each shawl, embedding in them an essence of their soul.
Moreover, Pashmee values sustainable and ethical fashion. We work directly with local artisans, ensuring they are paid fairly, thereby aiding the preservation and growth of this valuable craft.

Indulge in the Pashmee Collection

Our collection spans a range of colors, patterns, and styles. From the vibrant hues of spring to the mellow tones of autumn, from traditional paisley designs to modern minimalist patterns, there is a Pashmee Shawl for every woman and every occasion.
Delight in the soft embrace of our pure Pashmina Shawls, marvel at the intricate needlework on our kashmiri Shawls, or experience the luxury of our Kani Jamavar Shawls. Each piece tells a story of art passed down through generations, meticulous craftsmanship, unwavering dedication, and a love for the ageless art of shawl making.

Wrap yourself in the Warmth of Pashmee.

At Pashmee, we aim to provide you with a touch of luxury that is as endearing as it is enduring. As you drape a Pashmee Kashmiri Shawl, you don't just wear a garment; you adorn a piece of art steeped in history and crafted with passion.
Join us on this remarkable journey as we weave tradition, elegance, and heritage tales. Let Pashmee bring the magic of Kashmiri Shawls to your wardrobe.