About Us

From the high mountains of Laddakh and Kashmir to your doorsteps, Pashmee.com (A unit of "Urban Kala") bring you the luxurious and the finest variant of spun cashmere, Pashmina. The word is derived from ‘pashm,’ literally meaning wool. The Pashmina is obtained from the domesticated changthangi goats. Once the yarn is ready, the metamorphosis happens.

Our weavers transform the Cashmere yarn into a delightful array of hand-embroidered shawls, scarves, wraps and apparel. It is almost unbelievable how beautifully the synchronized human efforts can create the dream-like sequence that would take your breath away.The Pashmina is warm, delicate, and timeless, with fibers ranging from 12 to 6 microns.It takes about 4 to 6 days to weave a Pashmina that goes beyond eras, ages and cultures and is a prized possession.

The Cashmere Maven

Pashmina were a prideful accessory among kings back then, courtesy of their richness and finesse, they then became a powerful commodity. These were then used as wraps and also as gifts among-est royal families. The symbol of prestige has its luxurious roots from yesteryear and Pashmee continues to exude that rich appearance with its impeccable work and collection.

Pashmee believes that through sincerity and perseverance, Pashminas can achieve the contemporary as well as its traditional touch. The artisans work hard to make styles that shine out. Cashmere is first extracted and then the artisans with their immaculate handwork spun the yarn and work on the embroidery. The making takes a while since it's all about delivering luxury. The brand unveils the fine details into the Pashmina, depicting traditional motifs. The brand also showcases hints of ethnicity into the fine shawls, scarves and wraps. The resplendent Pashmina products accessorize your outfits well and let you dazzle, even with your everyday looks.

Speaking Of Our Collection

Because our promise is that we only deliver luxury, even our pricing is based on the quality we offer. We detest compromise and we only seek high-end quality. Our cashmere is pure and we are not laid-back when it comes to offering comfort. With each and every use, our Pashmina feel softer and softer against the skin. With proper care of these wraps, our styles are bound to last a lifetime, to such an extent that they will become a wealthy heritage in your family.

Even the goats are not harmed. The wool that sheds naturally is used to make our Pashmina. Our mission is simple, we curate class with authentic products and do not believe in low-quality, imitation products. So end the wait and start ordering now!