Pashmina Shawls

Get the worlds finest Pashmina shawls hand woven by the traditional makers in such a way that you can't refuse. We launched latest Pashmina shawl collection available in different colors & designs.

39 products

39 products

Get the worlds finest Pashmina shawls hand woven by the traditional makers in such a way that you can't refuse. has launched latest Pashmina shawl collection available in different colors & designs. Order Now!

Latest Pashmina Shawls for Your Wardrobe

The 700-year-old luxurious legacy, Pashmina, is not just fabric but the reason for livelihood. Pashmina shawls' most versatile and celebrated style has our attention for ages now. The timeless fashion once considered for royals now casts magic even on us. With its stunning hues and design, Pashmee presents its exclusive range of Pashmina shawls for you. These are elegant, and you won't get enough of a single piece!

Pashmina shawls are made with labor-intensive techniques out of cashmere wool which feels so soft against the skin that you won't deny its superpower. It's a symbol of luxury and sophistication, and its demand and desire have always been high. The expensive fabric and the intricate design make the style immemorial. Speaking of shawls at Pashmee, we make sure you experience divine when you wrap our shawls. Be it with your ethnic dresses or contemporary outfits. We promise to make them look even more alluring than they already are with our Pashmina shawl wraps. 

The Contemporary Pashmina Shawls Wrap

The name Pashmina hails from the Persian word 'Pashm,' which initially means wool itself. Pashmina has its league, and not much fabric can beat the style, design, and comfort it carries. While the history goes back to the 3rd century, these were only famous in the royal families. However, later on, the symbol of royalty swooped into many closets, and in today's time, it has become way more famous. At Pashmee, we believe in delivering on-point Pashmina shawl designs and styles. Our Pashmina shawls are made with expert hands by the artisans of the Himalayas who work dedicatedly in making the finest Pashmina for you. The method of spinning, weaving, and then finally curating the embroidery is done with utmost precision. 

Having Pashminas in your wardrobe is a luxury in itself, and we deliver just that! We take pride in our designs. At the same time, we give you nothing but the best buying experience along with the world's warmest shawls. 

All About Fine Work Of Pashmina Shawls

The skilled experts make Pashmina shawls of Kashmir, and experienced hands then create magic on these shawls. These shawls are a heritage and are passed on from one generation to the next. High-quality wool is used to make these shawls, and no animals are harmed. The Wool-shed by the goats is used to make the demanding shawls. 

Pashmina shawls have won hearts even globally, and they are pretty popular in the countries where the temperature remains on the lower side. There's high demand, and Our artisans at Pashmee work hard to deliver this beautiful piece of art at your doorstep. Since it has become a significant source of exclusive warm fabric, Pashmina shawls are helping them gain popularity. The shawls are now stepping their feet outside their original space with our expeditious online delivery facility available worldwide.

The Evergreen Accessory, Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina shawls are not just a shawl; they let you experience the fine craftsmanship of pure cashmere. When we speak of a pure Pashmina shawl, the price range is a tad towards a higher side due to its handcraft work. To curate fine, intricate pieces, manual handwork goes into the making. Yes, Pashmina shawls are not ordinary but last long due to their detailed work and high-quality fabric. Every piece of shawls at Pashmee, come's out with eye catching designs. Pashmina shawls are an evergreen accessory that will still be in the same condition for eons to come. These pieces do not lose their charm and comfort level.

Shawl's look and feel are such that even if the trends change, the Pashmina Shawl would still be a classic attire. Be it parties, events, or just workplace gatherings, Pashmee makes shawls that not just elevate your style but also make you stand out more than the rest in the room.